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We are OldSwiss. A Filmmaking Company based out of Brighton and London, UK. Here we’ll post behind the scenes photos and blog posts for anyone interested in a more in-depth look at how we create our films and videos, as well as some out takes from photoshoots.

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Alex Wild Tattoo: A New Creativity

A friend for many years and talented electric poker of American traditional inspired tattooing, our good friend Alex Wild invited us along to his new studio in Stuttgart, Germany, to take a look around and get some insight into his ideas and beliefs behind tattooing, and to document it with a short film and a photo series, in his new studio. In october of 2015 Alex Wild moved from No […]

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Sri Lanka – Tattoo Photoshoot Project

Sri Lanka – Tattoo Photoshoot Project Meanings are not limited to written words but began with thought words and spoken words, signed words, gestured words, pictured words, but not only that, but pictures, on rocks, in the sand, and of course on the skin. These images much like words carry meaning. And it is within the meanings of these pictures/interpretations that culture and therefore, meaning resides, regardless of whether it […]

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Wales Location Scounting – Photo Blog

Last weekend we went location scouting in Wales for an upcoming short film collaboration between OldSwiss and Tom Palmer ( Scouting locations and taking photographs to use as  storyboard and in the development of Tom Palmers pieces he will be creating specifically for the film.     All images copyright of OldSwiss Productions Ltd.

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Demob Happy – Young and Numb – Behind the Scenes

Demob Happy – Young and Numb – Behind the Scenes FOR THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE An unusual one even for us, this video for demob happy was shot for the bare minimum, the smallest crew possible (two) and in the space of 2 days over a weekend in a tiny farm house in deepest darkest rural Wales. A huge thank you to Dylan Rogers, who played Michael Myers for […]

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VANT – Parking Lot – Behind the Scenes

Written by Sam Crook VANT – Parking Lot – Behind The Scenes  For the Full video check – This the space our team had to work with. In my experience a large majority of filmmaking on a budget is problem solving and in this case the first big problem was we had about 3 weeks from being green lit to delivery on this project. This was the only space we […]

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