Written by Sam Crook

VANT – Parking Lot – Behind The Scenes 

For the Full video check – http://oldswiss.co.uk/portfolio/vant-parking-lot/

This the space our team had to work with. In my experience a large majority of filmmaking on a budget is problem solving and in this case the first big problem was we had about 3 weeks from being green lit to delivery on this project. This was the only space we could afford to have for the at such short notice and for a long enough period of time that we would need to build the set, rig the lights, decorate the set, shoot and then dismantle.


All the raw materials for building a 12x24ft room.


Construction of the frame, obligatory set-dog. The basic construction was simple, Wooden frame and plasterboard panels. Using theatrical style set building and supports with some extra reenforcing triangulated struts to make sure the walls stayed up when we filled it with people, which as you can tell from the final product was a necessary measure as our extras got a little carried away during the shoot.





Wallpapering. Don’t do it. Creating this room was about making it feel like the most disgusting room it could be. After a small amount of searching online for the cheapest and worst wallpaper this is what we ended up with. We still aren’t sure if we put it on the right way up but 24 hours later after our set decorator and art director had been let loose it turned out we didn’t need to worry quite so much about the quality of the papering.


Here’s where Nick Lord stepped in and ruined the beautiful wallpaper. Using a mixture of techniques Nick and our art director Tom Palmer added a damp, dirty and disused feel to the set.


The fun bit. To dress the room I went with our art director Tom Palmer to a boot fair and spent an entire morning searching for the worst of the worst. Surprisingly boot fairs can be fun and lucrative, as long as you go in with the intention of buying disgusting furniture.

Then Tom came to the conclusion that the junk we bought wasn’t bad enough and took a flamethrower to half it. Deciding to make one corner of the room look as though it had been on fire from the classic faux par of falling asleep in an arm-chair with a lit cigarette.





Side note: Water down whatever you set fire to before putting it in a straw filled barn.




Piers Bishop our lighting engineer dealing with a mountain of lights and miles of cables and underneath is the final results. An immense lighting rig was to supplied us by KAVE theatre services (www.Kave.co.uk) who could not have been more helpful, guiding us through exactly what we needed for the setup we were after, we have never used stage lighting rig setups before and without the help of the people there we would never have been able to handle the ambitious setup.



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Mattie from VANT with his Co-Star, David the chicken. Who was not harmed in the making of the video.


This was outrageous and the raw footage will have to go online at some point. The last thing we did at the end of the shoot was Mattie smashing the guitar into the fish tank and Greenie the drummer trying to throw his kick drum through the back wall. We thought this could have many outcomes, few of them good, but we never expected the drum would stick perfectly up in the corner like this. Makes me wish we’d had it there from the beginning of the shoot.


Our cast and crew. fortunately we managed to get a large group of people whose genuine friendship, rather than having a group of extras who’d never met each other. This meant when they were shut in the set together they had genuine fun, which translates and can be seen through the energy they brought to the final video.


2 days later. Back to how we found it!


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